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Twos Room

24 months to 36 months

Our Two Year Old Room is set up for what in some cases can be the most difficult time in a child’s life; the year in which a child may be expected to start caring for his/her self: using the bathroom, wiping, washing their hands, dressing themselves, and proper eating etiquette.  We strive to give each two year old child a sense of routine and structure that will aid in mastering each of these valuable skills.

Our bathroom is set up specially in order to accommodate potty training with two separate bathrooms and potties side by side at different heights.  This allows 2 children to use the bathroom together helping to eliminate any anxiety or fear that might occur.  We have smaller potties which allow small children to feel comfortable and at peace with the potty itself.  Group potty time helps with the younger children who learn by watching a child that has already mastered the proper technique.  We also have a potty that is standard size which allows the children, who have mastered the smaller potties, to practice the routine of placing and using a step stool and the proper placement and removal of a potty seat.

education-circle100x100At this age our children’s brains are like sponges.  Our teachers’ goal each day is to educate and expose our students to the world around them. Our class has two circle times per day which are designed for group interaction and the establishment of a time to focus on instruction.   After circle time the class breaks up into smaller groups for free play and guided activities.  Each student will have one on one activity time with a teacher developing fine motor skills and creativity through art and expression. Our students also participate with stories, puppet play, and song and dance times daily.