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Jr. Kindergarten Room

4 and 5 year olds

This class is our next and final step in your children’s preparation for school.  We have a core curriculum based on the Virginia Standards of Learning, and lesson plans based on Augusta County Schools “Blueprint Curriculum.” They will take part in a more traditional school structured day with several circle times and educational activities which create a great classroom setting.  We focus our efforts on teaching our students everything they need to know before entering kindergarten.  This program was established under the supervision of our areas local kindergarten teachers.  They supported us in our efforts to create a class that was structured to resemble the kindergarten classes in our local school system.  They provided us a list of skills that would make our student’s transition to local school systems as effortless as possible, giving our students the skills needed to be successful and advance in their efforts throughout school.

education-circle100x100We offer a structured educational and nurturing environment.  Our teachers conduct two circle times per day centered on our core curriculum and our weekly thematic units.  Our students have a chance to create through free art and express themselves with manipulative and free dance daily.  Guided activities are conducted each day under the supervision of our certified teachers.  We focus on letter recognition, hand writing, one to one correspondence, patterns, telling time, math, and counting.  Our students learn to follow multi-step directions given during class activities.They also work on writing short sentences, sight words, spelling, grammar, Spanish, adding, subtracting, reading, and cognitive skills.   We strive to give our children the best foot forward and prepare them for the education that they will receive when they go to school. Our teachers also promote literacy and language skills through creative storytelling. They participate in cognitive activities, vocabulary expansion, and alphabet knowledge in an effort to expand our student’s oral language skills before heading off to school.