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Toddler Room

Ages: 16 months to 24 months

Our Toddler room is full of action and adventure!  This room is designed to aid in the growth and development of a toddler by the completion and the refining of skills learned in our Infant room.  Children are given the opportunity to increase core strength, fine and large motor skills, walking, running, jumping, and communication.  Addressing these skills is very important for the future success of the children.

education-circle100x100Our schedule in this class allows the student time to play, learn, rest, and explore the world around them. Circle times include the introduction of colors, shapes, date, time, music, and movement.  Throughout the day the class will sit down together for a few minutes of group learning.  Students will interact socially together and with the teachers to make learning fun.  By using flashcards, sign language, and sensory boxes our teachers aid the children in learning with all of their senses.  The students in this class will engage in table activities each day that focus on strengthening their fine motor skills as well as their ability to follow simple directions.  Our children also have the opportunity to express themselves through guided and free art activities several times weekly.