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Infant Room

Ages: Birth-1 year 

“Primary Care” is the key phrase in understanding the quality of care your baby will receive as a part of our Infant Care Program.  Each teacher is assigned a group (no more than 4) of infants to care for. They work hand in hand with each parent to create a specialized care plan for the children in their group.  We offer a safe, warm, and loving environment affording each Infant the best opportunities for growth. We foster this growth through exploration of the world around them. They have access to our centers as well as our Bye-Bye buggies and will take rides on days when weather permits.  Each child is provided with their own crib and sheets.  These are never shared by multiple students and are disinfected as well as laundered several times per day.  We use neutral cleaning products and steam to disinfect this room limiting any harsh chemicals our infants may come into contact with.  To keep our Infant room clean and germ free we restrict access by anyone other than our Infants and Teachers.  We do this in hopes of keeping the germs of the outside world from entering the class.  All of our caring Infant Room Staff treat each child as though he/she is their own.  They are also trained in Infant CPR, First Aid, and we have other staff members with Medication Administration (MAT) training.

education-circle100x100Our teachers set goals with our parents and work with each Infant to reach certain developmental milestones.  We use educational activities that focus on; rolling over, walking, grasping, crawling, pulling up, and mastering of fine motor skills.  Each day the Infants will take part in several group circle times intended to aid in verbal communication and social interaction.  Our staff will engage them in singing songs, reading stories and playing with sensory objects.  Our educators also teach American Sign Language as an alternative form of communication.