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Preschool Room

3 years old

This is the first class in our center that begins our students’ preparation for school.  We have a core curriculum based on the Virginia Standards of Learning. We work closely with the Augusta Count School system, and teach from the “Blueprint Curriculum.” Our Preschool Class goes through a year-long process of exploration and exposure to our world, while honing the basic skills needed for advancement into our Jr. Kindergarten class.

education-circle100x100Our teachers follow a weekly thematic calendar designed to expose the children to what is happening in our world at that time.  The teachers focus class discussions, stories, worksheets, and circle times within each of these weekly themes. Circle times last between 20 and 30 minutes each day and gradually grow in dynamic as the students learn new material. Telling time, date, colors, shapes, counting, Spanish, Math, patterns, letter and number recognition, name recognition, and writing all occur throughout the course of their day, whether it be during circle time or small group activities.